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India is poised to achieve a sustained economic growth rate of 8-9% through 2031-32 and energy access to all which would require primary energy supply to increase 4 - 5 times. India’s Electricity Generation Capacity is expected to increase 6 times from present value to cater to the demand. But building power generation plants is a slow, expensive, and often an environmentally insensitive method for addressing increases in demand. This leads to increase in cost of energy and degradation of environment. Moreover, demand for energy will keep on increasing because of accelerated industrialization, urbanization and an emerging consumer society. Consequently, Energy Efficiency is essential to serve the twin purpose of sustainable development (in the context of climate change concerns) and energy security.

Most basic barrier to energy conservation and efficiency is lack of awareness. You may be aware that your energy consumption is high but, you may still not know what actions you should take. It has been said that "An informed consumer is an empowered consumer". With the information provided to you through this calculator, you will know about various means which will help you to reduce energy. By saving energy, you not only reduce your electricity bill but also contribute a lot towards saving environment and combat climate change.

This energy saving calculator will help you discover approximately how much energy your different appliances are consuming. You will also be provided with information about various energy efficient options (including star rated appliances) available in the market w.r.t. various appliances (end uses) you are using, with corresponding savings you can observe and payback period. Some energy conservation tips have also been provided to help you save energy. Don’t forget, your home, appliances and situation are unique, so the information provided by this calculator should be used as a rough guide only. Every person uses appliances differently, and the efficiency of the appliance itself, how and where it is used can all impact how much energy the appliance will use.